To the Editors:

The “trial” of sixteen Basque nationalists in Burgos, Spain, has brought again before our eyes the live, brutal visage of totalitarianism. The ugly facts of political persecution in Spain have long been known to Spanish Refugee Aid, Inc., which has been raising money to help exiles of the Spanish Civil War since 1953. This small organization may in the months immediately before us need funds more than ever to succor Spanish political refugees.

Therefore there will be an exhibition, under the aegis of the John Bernard Myers Gallery, of “The Discount Store,” a three-dimensional construction—humorous, satirical, colorful—by the American artist, Red Grooms, for the benefit of Spanish Refugee Aid.

“The Discount Store” will be shown from February 3 through February 28 at 924 Madison Avenue (between 73rd and 74th Streets). Admission will be $1.00 (children 50 cents).

I hope some of your readers will attend this enjoyable exhibition and at the same time help the needy Spanish exiles, 70,000 of whom are still in France.

Jane K. Potter

Spanish Refugee Aid, Inc.

80 East 11th Street, Room 406

New York, N.Y. 10003

This Issue

January 28, 1971