To the Editors:

…The National Lawyers Guild has agreed to provide staff together with other legal groups to establish an Attica legal office. The office will service inmates, litigate prison conditions and provide defense coordination for the indictments which will surely follow. Members from New York City will supplement the office’s staff on a rotating basis.

The horror of Attica is the horror of our society today. The Guild cannot, on its limited resources, take on this project without the support of our members and friends. We ask you to help the inmates of Attica by establishing a permanent Guild presence there. Make your check payable to the National Lawyers Guild. This contribution will only be used for the Attica Project. Make the check out right now, and make it a generous one. Please.

Ralph Shapiro

National Lawyers Guild

1 Hudson Street, New York City 10013

This Issue

November 4, 1971