A Modern Instance

The Affair of Gabrielle Russier

with a Preface by Raymond Jean, an Introduction by Mavis Gallant

The Family Man

Present Past Past Present: A Personal Memoir

by Eugène Ionesco, translated by Helen R. Lane

Machines Without a Cause

Technological Change: Its Impact on Man and Society

by Emmanuel G. Mesthene

La Civilisation au carrefour

by Radovan Richta

Innovations: Scientific, Technological and Social

by Dennis Gabor

Run, Computer, Run: The Mythology of Educational Innovation

by Anthony G. Oettinger and Sema Marks

Overskill: The Decline of Technology in Modern Civilization

by Eugene S. Schwartz

Too Much Mustard

The Complete Immortalia

edited by Harold H. Hart

The Gambit Book of Popular Verse

edited by Geoffrey Grigson

The You and Me that Used to Be

“Looking back, I am aware that much of my life took place to music as if it were a film with a score: phonograph or radio interminably on, conversations held under the sound of music because sometimes when there was no music and we were driving or sitting around or drinking in a bar, an awkward silence hovered. Something necessary was missing. Things did not go on well without music.”

Caught in the Quiet

by Rod McKuen

Listen to the Warm

by Rod McKuen

The Nashville Sound

by Paul Hemphill


by Albert Goldman

Rational Wars?


by Roger Parkinson

Studies in War and Peace

by Michael Howard

Black Conspiracies

Denmark Vesey: The Slave Conspiracy of 1822

edited by Robert S. Starobin

The Southampton Slave Revolt of 1831: A Compilation of Source Materials

by Henry Irving Tragle

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