The Rape of the Taxpayer

by Philip Stern
Tax reform, as George McGovern found out, is about as practical a cause as spelling reform. The income tax has been riddled with exceptions—not loopholes but truckholes, as the economist Joseph Pechman put it—since the day it was born. Every so often Congress feels moved to pass a cynical, regressive …

Taps for Liberals

Setting National Priorities: The 1973 Budget

by Charles L. Schultze, Edward R. Fried, Alice M. Rivlin, and Nancy H. Teeters

Shelter and Subsidies: Who Benefits from Federal Housing Policies

by Henry Aaron
Even without LBJ’s death, January would have been a month of epitaphs for the Great Society. First the White House announced an unprecedented freeze on appropriated funds for public housing and sewage treatment. Then it proposed a budget liquidating the most ambitious social projects of the 1960s—a Republican version of …

Mr. Nixon’s Economic Melodrama

One aspect of the new economic program of Nixon and John Connally should not have been unexpected: its benefits for the rich and disdain for the poor. Connally, in particular, has brought to the Administration a blunt favoritism for big business that calls to mind the way things are done …