Eleanor and Franklin: The Story of Their Relationship Based on Eleanor Roosevelt's Private Papers

by Joseph P. Lash

The First Waste Land——I

The Waste Land Annotations of Ezra Pound

by T.S. Eliot. A Facsimile and Transcript of the Original Drafts, Including the, edited by Valerie Eliot

Playboy of the Western Word

In Bluebeard's Castle

by George Steiner

Passage to Cathay

The Voyages of Giovanni da Verrazzano, 1524-1528

by Lawrence C. Wroth

The Beginnings of Modern Colonization

by Charles Verlinden, translated by Yvonne Freccero

The European Discovery of America: The Northern Voyages

by Samuel Eliot Morison

Beyond the Capes: Pacific Exploration from Captain Cook to the Challenger (1776-1877)

by Ernest S. Dodge

Some Like It Cold

The Rivals: America and Russia Since World War II

by Adam B. Ulam

The Politics of Karma

Buddhism and Society

by Melford E. Spiro

Religion and Change in Contemporary Asia

edited by Robert F. Spencer

Islam Observed

by Clifford Geertz

Short Reviews

Conversations: Literature and the Modernist Deviation

by George P. Elliott

The Gospel Sound: Good News and Bad Times

by Tony Heilbut

Who Owns America?

by Walter J. Hickel

No Cause for Indictment: An Autopsy of Newark

by Ron Porambo

The Mythology of Imperialism

by Jonah Raskin

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