Edgar Z. Friedenberg (1927-2000) was an American social critic and scholar of education. His books include Coming of Age in America and Growth and Acquiescence.


Un-Canadian Activities

Fragile Freedoms: Human Rights and Dissent in Canada

by Thomas R. Berger

Portrait of Canada

by June Callwood
Formal civil liberties are not highly valued in Canada, where disorder is feared more than oppression. While Canadians of course regard themselves as free people in a free society, they prefer to rely on tradition, compromise, and the common law to safeguard their liberties. “This business of rights, that’s not …

Splitting Up

The Question of Separatism: Quebec and the Struggle Over Sovereignty

by Jane Jacobs
This small book is Jane Jacobs’s first since she became a resident of Canada in the late 1960s. It is a tour de force, the kind of force that expresses itself through restraint and precision, like a laser beam used with such exquisite care as not to insult the distressed …

School’s Out

Half the House

by Herbert Kohl

Being with Children

by Phillip Lopate
Every year it gets a little harder to write about the schools as if they might be improved. So far as I know, very few people do so any more unless they have some gimmick to sell for the purpose—often enough, as the Schrags make horrifyingly clear in their book, …


Photographs of My Father

by Paul Spike

The Amnesty of John David Herndon

by James Reston Jr.
Though the events discussed in these two books took place more than six years apart, they give the impression of dealing with different aspects of the same circumstance. Both are concerned with the catastrophic effects on the lives of Americans of opposition to American policy. The Reverend Robert Spike was …

Good Manners

Forum: Canadian Life and Letters, 1920-1970

edited by J.L. Granatstein, edited by Peter Stevens
Until I moved to Canada three years ago I had never heard of The Canadian Forum; nor had it occurred to me to be curious about Canadian politics and culture. I did not know that in 1920 a group of University of Toronto faculty and undergraduates founded the Forum, a …

Schools for Scandal

Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community

by Martin Duberman

Educational Commune: The Story of Commonwealth College

by Raymond Koch and Charlotte Koch
Since the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley signaled the official opening of the American student revolt in 1964, so much attention has been given to various efforts to improve or reconstruct the obviously inadequate and dangerous model of American higher education that earlier efforts to found experimental colleges recede into …