To the Editors:

We would like to draw the attention of your readers to Peace Portfolio I, “an instance of genuine artist-audience collaboration. Through it art overcomes its silence by placing megaphones in the hands of peace candidates” (from the preface by Harold Rosenberg). The Portfolio is a collection of twelve original graphics, donated by the following artists: D’Arcangelo, Ferber, Gottlieb, Hayter, Krasner, Lassaw, Motherwell, Ortman, Rauschenberg, Steinberg, Vincente, and Zox. It was produced in an edition of 175 copies, each print signed and numbered.

All proceeds above extremely limited expenses go directly to the campaign funds of peace candidates to the House of Representatives, selected by the Congressional Action Fund, 1010 Vermont Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C., on these criteria: antiwar position and record, related issues, chances of election or re-election against a pro war opponent, and need for money.

The candidates currently being supported are: Julian Camacho, California; George Brown, California; Ms. Pat Schroeder, Colorado; Alan Merson, Colorado; Andrew Young, Georgia; Ed Williams, Idaho; Abner Mikva, Illinois; Floyd Fithian, Indiana; Andrew Jacobs, Indiana; J. Edward Rousch, Indiana; Philip Sharp, Indiana; Dr. William Roy, Kansas; Werner Fornos, Maryland; Don Riegle, Michigan; Daniel Cooper, Michigan; Ms. Jerry English, New Jersey; John Dow, New York; Richard McCarthy, New York; Pat McKeever, South Dakota; William Anderson, Tennessee; J. O. Petterson, Tennessee; Wayne Owens, Utah; Harold Miller, Virginia; Les Aspin, Wisconsin; David Obey, Wisconsin. Your contribution can be allocated by CAF or sent to any candidate on this list whom you designate.

The price of the Portfolio is $1,500. A color brochure will be sent on request as will a list of participating galleries and information on the Congressional Action Fund.

This is a crucial election providing an opportunity to elect young antiwar congressmen and women who can be leaders in our government. The importance of the Presidential contest does not lessen the need to elect a Congress who will support peace, not death, whoever is in the White House.

Naomi Goodman

2114 Broadway

New York, NY 10023

This Issue

November 2, 1972