Man of State

Memoirs 1950-1963

by George F. Kennan

The Strength of an Injured Spirit

Mary Wollstonecraft

by Eleanor Flexner

The True History of the First Mrs. Meredith and Other Lesser Lives

by Diane Johnson

The Missionary

Henry Luce

by William Swanberg

The Flowering of Henry Kissinger

Kissinger: The Uses of Power

by David Landau


by Alan Palmer

The Magician

The Poems of Tennyson

edited by Christopher Ricks


by Christopher Ricks

The Liberals and German History: Part II

A History of Modern Germany, 1840-1945

by Hajo Holborn

Republic to Reich: The Making of the Nazi Revolution

edited by Hajo Holborn, translated by Ralph Manheim

Germany Since 1918

by David Childs

Hitler and the Beer Hall Putsch

by Harold J. Gordon Jr.

Germany in Our Time

by Alfred Grosser

The Twelve-Year Reich: A Social History of Nazi Germany 1933-1945

by Richard Grunberger

Hitler's Weltanschauung: A Blueprint for Power

by Eberhard Jäckel, translated by Herbert Arnold

Secret Conversations with Hitler

edited by Edouard Calic

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I’m Sorry, the Doctor Is Busy Making Money

In Critical Condition: The Crisis in America's Health Care

by Edward Kennedy

National Health Care: Issues and Problems in Socialized Medicine

edited by Ray Elling

The Biological Imperatives: Health, Politics, and Human Survival

by Allan Chase

Away with All Pests: An English Surgeon in People's China, 1954-1969

by Dr. Joshua S. Horn

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