The Truth about Orwell

The Unknown Orwell

by Peter Stansky and William Abrahams

George Orwell

by Raymond Williams

The Road to Wigan Pier

by George Orwell

A Shameful Tale

Dragon by the Tail: American, British, Japanese, and Russian Encounters with China and One Another

by John Paton Davies Jr.

Tender Trousers

Transparent Things

by Vladimir Nabokov

Nixon’s Plan to Save the World

Open Secret: The Kissinger-Nixon Doctrine in Asia

edited by Virginia Brodine, edited by Mark Selden

War Without End: American Planning for the Next Vietnams

by Michael Klare

Army in Anguish

by Haynes Johnson and George C. Wilson


The Breast

by Philip Roth

Selling Anti-Semitism in Moscow

Caution, Zionism!: Essays on the Ideology, Organization and Practice of Zionism

by Yuri Ivanov

Bird or Devil?

Corvo: Saint or Madman?

by Donald Weeks

A New View of German History: Part III

The Failure of Illiberalism

by Fritz Stern

You Makin’ Sense

Black Jargon in White America

by David Claerbaut

Black English: Its History and Usage in the United States

by J.L. Dillard

Schools for Scandal

Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community

by Martin Duberman

Educational Commune: The Story of Commonwealth College

by Raymond Koch and Charlotte Koch

A Band Wagonload of Monkeys

The Imperial Animal

by Lionel Tiger and Robin Fox

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