Frederick Seidel’s latest book of poems, Peaches Goes It Alone, was published last year. (November 2019)


Surf’s Up

Nothing to write home about. No home to write home to. Oh boohoo! I’ve never heard Anything so disgustingly absurd. The snow is falling crazily outside the window. Now it’s spring. Still cold but the little birds this morning began to sing.

Barbara Epstein

Sometime near dawn, driving a stolen car So fast I will never arrive, Floating without a destination and without a license Along the empty highways across the Mississippi from St. Louis, Just the occasional big interstate truck’s Prong of headlights sticking into the …


Your favorites are the polar bears Who these days have to walk on snot, Global warming underfoot. Snot, not snow, is now their natural habitat with climate change And oceans rising. The polar bears are doomed and ask you why. The humid …

Ducati Years, Ducati Days

I had a girlfriend who dumped me for a better job— Which, frankly, made me laugh so hard I started to sob. I’d been so disgustingly highfalutin—so grand!—ballooning on hot air Above green pincushion fields with trees stuck in down there, Snootily …

Start Your Engines!

Lewis Hamilton, winner of the USA Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas, October 2016
The crowd jumps to its feet, whooping and clapping. Finally! The cars are coming onto the track. The bright blue guileless Texas sky looks down on a festive gaiety of matching baseball caps on girlfriends and boyfriends, wives and husbands, plump kids and lean kids, white and whiter—almost no African-Americans—friendly …