H. R. Trevor-Roper (1914–2003) was a British historian and the author of The Last Days of Hitler. He taught at Oxford, where he was the Regius Professor Modern History.


Triumphs of Mantegna

Andrea Mantegna 17–April 6, 1992, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, May 9–July 12, 1992

an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, January

Andrea Mantegna

catalog of the exhibition, edited by Jane Martineau et al.
In 1786, on his famous Italian journey, Goethe came to Padua and visited the church of the Eremitani, the Hermit Friars. There he saw the frescoes by Mantegna, of the lives of Saint James and Saint Christopher, in the funerary chapel of Antonio degli Ovetari. He stood before them “astounded” …

Was Giordano Bruno a Mole?

Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair

by John Bossy
One of the most delightful experiences, for a scholar, occurs when, afterlong search, or perhaps by chance, he discovers a small key which is found to open a long-locked door and reveal, beyond it, a totally unexpected new vista. John Bossy, known as a historian of post-Reformation English Catholicism, has …

The Uses of Fakery

Forgers and Critics: Creativity and Duplicity in Western Scholarship

by Anthony Grafton
There are many varieties of forgery in intellectual history, and they are not easy to separate. There is the physical manufacture of false documents, which is forgery in the strict sense; there is the false attribution of real documents, which then become “pseudepigrapha”; and there is the invocation and exploitation …

Reunion in Budapest

Bibliotheca Corviniana: 1490–1990 April 6–October 6, 1990

An Exhibition at The National Széchényi Library, Budapest

Bibliotheca Corviniana: 1490–1990

catalog of the exhibition by Csaba Csapodi and Klára Csapodi-Gárdonyi
The year 1989–1990 has been one of the most dramatic in remembered history: a general revolution in Europe, unparalleled in time of peace, at least since “the year of revolutions,” 1848. Indeed, it has many similarities with that year: the crumbling of an imposed international order; the rediscovery, by the …

The Prophet

Arnold J. Toynbee: A Life

by William H. McNeill
Thirty-five years ago Arnold Toynbee’s Study of History was a world best seller. It was described as “the greatest work of history ever written.” It conquered first America, then the Muslim East, then Japan. Its author, hailed as “the most renowned scholar in the world,” “a universal sage,” circled the …

The Lost Moments of History

The lost moments of history—I owe that phrase to the most stimulating and original historian of ideas, the late Dame Frances Yates. It comes in her book on the Valois tapestries, the great series of tapestries, now in Florence, which were woven about 1580 for Catherine de Médicis, queen mother …