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Acts of the Apostles from the March 31, 1983 issue

We regret that an error occurred in H. R. Trevor-Roper’s review of Michael Straight’s After Long Silence on page 3 of the March 31 issue. Mr. Trevor-Roper wrote: “In the following years, as the menace of Nazism grew, the attitude of the young would change.” As printed, the sentence referred to the menace of “Marxism.” Our apologies to H. R. Trevor-Roper.

We also regret a typographical error in Steele Commager’s review in the February 3 issue: the word mes appeared instead of mos in his quotation from Ovid: “Nec tamen ut testes mos est audire poetas.

The Editors

To the Editors:

In your current issue [NYR, March 17] I note with astonishment that my name is listed among the signatories of “An open letter from American writers concerned about Lebanon.”

I have never seen this letter before, let alone signed it.

Walker Percy

Covington, Louisiana

This Issue

April 14, 1983