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All in the Family from the June 28, 1979 issue

To the Editors:

I must apologize for an error in my review of The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler [NYR, June 28]. I there quoted the author’s reference to “the ill-fated Count von Spreti” and remarked that since Count von Spreti met his ill fate in 1970, that particular passage in the “memoirs” seemed to be a later interpolation. I had forgotten that there was another equally ill-fated Count von Spreti, who met his ill fate (he was executed on Hitler’s orders) in 1934. I therefore withdraw that remark and the inference deduced from it.

Incidentally, since my review was published, I have had an opportunity to see the “original” typescript of Mrs. Hitler’s “memoirs” in the New York Public Library, and can say that there are substantial differences between the text as typed and the text as published. The editor of the published text can presumably explain these differences.

H.R. Trevor-Roper

Oxford, England

This Issue

August 16, 1979