1. “The Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam” signed in Paris on January 27, 1973, is applauded by the Vietnamese people and people around the world.

  2. The Agreement can be the foundation for ending the war, restoring peace in Vietnam only if the parties concerned implement it seriously.

  3. After years of bloodletting war, the national reconciliation and the abolishment of hatred in Vietnam become of utmost importance and necessity.

  4. The national reconciliation and concord in Vietnam is destined to be completely successful only when all the signatories of the Agreement urgently and concretely implement at the first opportunity the release of all civilian personnel captured and detained as a result of their struggle for Peace and Justice, in reference to the spirit of article 8(c), article 11, and article 17(a) of the Agreement.

We hereby appeal to:

The International Commission of Control and Supervision, the governments signing the Agreement and the International Conference on Vietnam to be convened, to intervene without delay for the release of Vietnamese citizens who have been struggling for peace and for their country and who have been captured and detained in past years. These people have been imprisoned as individuals or as members active in organizations not directly related to either side of the fighting in Vietnam.

We attach herewith the preliminary list of detainees whose relations have just communicated with us, this list being subject to further additions when we obtain more information.

Saigon, February 2, 1973


Committee for the Improvement of the Prison System in South Vietnam: Father Chân Tin

Progressive Nationalist Force: Tran Ngoc Lieng

Kh at Si Ni Giói Buddhist Church: Ven. Huynh Liên

Front of People Struggling for Peace: Dang Van Ký

Union of Private School Teachers: Nguyen Van Vàng

United Force of Cao Dài Notables: Cao Hoài Hà

Confederation of Governmental and Private Sector Buddhist Employees in Vietnam: Duong Vai Dai

Union of Progressive Workers: Nguyen Van Cuóto

Union of Merchants of 36 Markets in Saigon: Nguyen Thi Muòi

Union of Sông Lòng Tao Dock Workers: Nguyen Hoàng Tân

Doi Diên Group: Reverend Nguyen Nghi

Trinh Bay Group: The Nguyên

National Young Christian Workers Movement: Nguyen Tien Mao

Movement of Catholics for Peace: Nguyen Phúc Khánh

Confederation of VN Buddhist Women: Mrs. Dieu Nhàn

Association of Vietnamese Women: Mrs. Vo Van Sang

Association of Long Hoa Buddhist Women: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lac

Movement for the Right to Live of Orphans and Children, Victims of War: Mrs. Thien Tâm

Hong Mon Buddhist Sect: Ven. Trúc Lâm Nuong

Association of Buddhist Women Governmental and Private Employees: Mrs. Phan Thi Hong Diem

Association for Defining Women’s Dignity: Mrs. Phan Dinh Dàn

Confederation of VN School Students Union: Lê Van Trieu

Association of Imprisoned Students’ Mothers: Mrs. Nguyen Phuoc Thành Phan

Association of Saigon Buddhist Students: Nguyen Thiên Tinh

National Union of VN Students: Nguyen Trong Quang Nghi

Union of Van Hanh University Students: Phan The Hoàng

Union of Saigon University Students: Nguyen Van Thang

Movement for the Building of an Independent Economy: Tran Quang Huy

Movement for National Self Determination: Tran Xuân Hue Phuong

Movement of VN Women Struggling for the Right to Live: Mrs. Tran Thi Tiép


Dr. Le van Hoach, Former Prime Minister

Dr. Lê vav Lý

Catholic Priests:

Rev. Thiên Cam, Professor, University of Saigon

Rev. Nguyen van Hoà, Professor, University of Saigon

Rev. Vu xuan Hieu, Chaplain for National Young Christian Workers Movement

Rev. Bùi thông Giao, Chaplain for National Young Christian Workers Movement

Rev. Nguyen ngo Lan, Chaplain for National Young Christian Workers Movement

Rev. Huynh công Minh, Chaplain for Young Christian Students Movement

Rev. Nguyen viet Khai

Rev. Tran the Luân

Rev. Truong bá Can, Chaplain for National YCW Movement

This Issue

April 19, 1973