We are writers and publishers who are deeply concerned that the Moscow writer, Andrei Amalrik, has not been freed from prison camp at the conclusion of a harsh term. We now establish a Committee in Defense of Andrei Amalrik for the purpose of appealing to the government of the USSR for clemency.

Andrei Amalrik has been punished for openly expressing his thoughts; he has suffered impaired health; and he now faces a new and arbitrary indictment. We urge that the responsible authorities act to effect his prompt liberation and the restoration of his rights under law, including the right to expression and, should he so desire, to travel abroad.

We esteem Andrei Amalrik. We ask that clemency be shown toward him in the spirit of improving relations between the USSR and the USA.

Henry Carlisle

John Hersey

Arthur Miller

Harrison Salisbury

John Updike

Robert Penn Warren

Robert L. Bernstein

Simon Michael Bessie

William Jovanovich

Winthrop Knowlton

W. Bradford Wiley

This Issue

July 19, 1973