To the Editors:

The purpose of this letter is to call your attention to a new literary journal which has recently appeared in Eastern Europe: Cahiers Roumains d’études littéraire, published by the “Univers” publishing house of the Socialist Republic of Romania. This journal is the first literary periodical of its kind to be published in Romania, which is at once intended for an international public and dedicated to problems of modern literary theory. This journal has already been well received in Western Europe as well as this country, although it has not received as yet the recognition it deserves….

Contributors to the first two issues include: Adrian Marino, author of the recently published Dictionary of Literary Ideas, being published now in French and, hopefully, in English, Mircea Zaciu, Nicolae Balotà, Traian Herseni, Edgar Papu, and others who represent the best of modern Romania’s tradition of literary criticism. Representative topics include: “Shakespeare in Romanian Culture,” “Literary Success and Social Reception,” “Industrialization and the Concentration of Literary Activity,” “Poetry as an Open Semiotic System,” “Modern and New: A Semantic, Historical Approach,” etc….

James E. Algeo

Dept. of Romance Languages

University of Washington

Seattle, Washington 98105

This Issue

January 23, 1975