Dickinsons in Love

The Life of Emily Dickinson

by Richard B. Sewall

Men at Work

Labor and Monopoly Capital: The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century

by Harry Braverman

Huxley at Home

Aldous Huxley: A Biography

by Sybille Bedford

“Your Lone and Loving Exile”

Henry James: Letters Volume I, 1843-1875

edited by Leon Edel

Victims of Psychiatry

The Victim Is Always the Same

by I. S. Cooper MD.

The Great World Crisis I

World Bank Annual Report 1974

International Monetary Fund, Annual Report of the Executive Directors for the Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 1974

A Time to Choose: America's Energy Future

by the Energy Policy Project of the Ford Foundation, with a foreword by McGeorge Bundy

World Hunger: Causes and Remedies Studies, 1520 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

The Energy Crisis

by Tad Szulc

By Bread Alone

by Lester R. Brown

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An Ambiguous Act

The Great Reform Act

by Michael Brock

Incomparable Empson

William Empson: The Man and His Work

edited by Roma Gill

The Jewish State in Question

Peace in the Middle East? Reflections on Justice and Nationhood

by Noam Chomsky

Between Enemies: A Compassionate Dialogue Between an Israeli and an Arab

by Amos Elon and Sana Hassan

At Least One Way

No Way

by Natalia Ginzburg, translated by Sheila Cudahy

Touch the Water, Touch the Wind

by Amos Oz. translated by Nicholas de Lange in collaboration with the author

Another CIA Plot?

Operation Splinter Factor

by Stewart Steven

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