Robert L. Heilbroner

Robert L. Heilbroner (1919–2005) was an American economist. He taught economic history at the New School, where he was appointed Norman Thomas Professor of Economics in 1971.

Acts of an Apostle

John Maynard Keynes, Vol. II: The Economist as Saviour 1920–1937

by Robert Skidelsky

March 3, 1994 issue

His Secret Life

His Secret Life

Opening Doors: The Life and Work of Joseph Schumpeter Vol. 1: Europe Vol. 2: America

by Robert Loring Allen

Schumpeter: A Biography

by Richard Swedberg

May 14, 1992 issue

Economics Without Power

The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics

edited by John Eatwell, edited by Murray Milgate, edited by Peter Newman

March 3, 1988 issue

The Way of All Flesh

Essays in Trespassing: Economics to Politics and Beyond

by Albert O. Hirschman

Shifting Involvements: Private Interest and Public Action

by Albert O. Hirschman

June 24, 1982 issue

A Pitch for Socialism

The Political Economy of Socialism: A Marxist Social Theory

by Branko Horvat

June 10, 1982 issue

The Missing Link

Intellectual and Manual Labour: A Critique of Epistemology

by Alfred Sohn-Rethel

November 5, 1981 issue

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