On Graham Greene

As one grows older one notes the deaths of great figures with a mixture of pleasure and complacency. But Graham Greene’s death is more like the death of a member of one’s family or the loss of a rooted expectation, even like the loss of a skill or a habit.

The New Canadas

Continental Divide: The Values and Institutions of the United States and Canada

by Seymour Martin Lipset

North American Cultures: Values and Institutions in Canada and the United States

by Seymour Martin Lipset
To pass from the United States to Canada or from Canada to the United States at any of the border crossings is certainly to enter a different world. But this is also true when one passes from Indiana to Kentucky, or Utah to Nevada; or, within Canada, from Ontario to …

The Trials of C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis: A Biography

by A.N. Wilson
It has been suggested that if our civilization were to fall to pieces, leaving only fragments of our literary culture, archaeologists would have to conclude that there may have been two Bertrand Russells, one the brilliant author of Principia Mathematica, the lectures on logical atomism, and other logical and philosophical …

Poet of the Great Massacre

Poems of Paul Celan

translated and with an introduction by Michael Hamburger
The character of Paul Celan’s work raises the question how far poetry can be—is—a central human activity in our time. Even when Milton played with the thought of writing a poem “doctrinal to a nation,” at first having in mind an Arthuriad, such a project, in a lively form, was …


Grey Is the Color of Hope

by Irina Ratushinskaya, translated by Alyona Kojevnikov

Fear No Evil

by Natan Sharansky, translated by Stefani Hoffman
Zek, gulag…such terms are now familiar and they speak to us from an increasing number of works: histories, eyewitness accounts, memoirs. The landscape of the Soviet prisons and penal colonies is now become as familiar as that of the prisons and camps of the Hitler period. For a long time …

Prophet of Lubyanka

My Century: The Odyssey of a Polish Intellectual

by Aleksander Wat, edited and translated by Richard Lourie, with a foreword by Czeslaw Milosz
Western readers are familiar with the intellectual and moral journey made by those who broke with the Communist party after the Thirties. The Moscow show trials, the German-Soviet pact, the Czech coup d’état, the Soviet intervention to defeat Nagy’s revolution in Hungary, are leading moments in recent history and all …

The Lie in the Soul

The Drowned and the Saved

by Primo Levi, translated by Raymond Rosenthal
Those of us who have been alive for seventy years or more are sometimes visited with a strange impulse: to take the middle-aged and the young in a firm grip and urge them to listen to the stories of our lives. We feel ourselves driven to interrupt wedding feasts and …