To the Editors:

Fiction Collective, Inc., the expanding writers’ cooperative founded for the protection of innovative quality fiction, would like to announce the following:

The Fiction Collective’s editorial office is now located at One Park Avenue, courtesy of our distributor, George Braziller, Inc. All correspondence should be addressed to Robert Minkoff, Assistant to the Directors, Fiction Collective, c/o George Braziller, Inc., One Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016 (telephone 212 689–4343).

Our moratorium on manuscript submissions has been lifted. Queries about submissions should be directed to Charles Johnson, Fiction Collective, Manuscript Central, Padelford Hall GN-30, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195.

Subscriptions, direct orders, and requests for catalogues are handled by Coda Press, A Fiction Collective Affiliate, 700 West Badger Road, Suite 101, Madison, Wisconsin 53713.

Now entering its fifth year of operation, with twenty-six titles in print and three scheduled for publication in the spring, the Fiction Collective would like to express its gratitude to the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts for their continuing support.

Raymond Federman

Carol Sturm Smith


Fiction Collective

New York City

This Issue

May 17, 1979