Exultation and Explanation

The Kindly Fruits of the Earth: Recollections of an Embryo Ecologist

by G. Evelyn Hutchinson

An Introduction to Population Ecology

by G. Evelyn Hutchinson

Sin Will Find You Out

The Streets Were Paved With Gold

by Ken Auletta


Jake's Thing

by Kingsley Amis

An Opportunity for Palestinians?

“The gains of attaining and sustaining peace will more than offset the costs of doing so, and far outweigh the imaginary advantages of the no-peace-no-war situation that has prevailed in the region for years.”

Doing Without Nuclear Power

The result of the accident at Three Mile Island should be the abandonment of nuclear power and the emergence of a more rational energy policy, based on measures to improve the efficiency with which energy from fossil fuels is used.”

The Nazi Boom

The Bunker: The History of the Reich Chancellery Group

by James P. O'Donnell

On Trial at Nuremberg

by Airey Neave

The Secretary: Martin Bormann, The Man Who Manipulated Hitler

by Jochen von Lang, with the assistance of Claus Sibyll, translated by Christa Armstrong and Peter White

Who Financed Hitler: The Secret Funding of Hitler's Rise to Power, 1919-1933

by James Pool and Suzanne Pool

Gods and Beasts: The Nazis and the Occult

by Dusty Sklar

A Backward Look: Germans Remember

by Daniel Lang

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Politics Recaptured

The Foundations of Modern Political Thought Volume One: The Renaissance Volume Two: The Age of Reformation

by Quentin Skinner

Dangerous Acquaintances

The US Crusade in China, 1938-1945

by Michael Schaller

How to Define the Crime

Rethinking Criminal Law

by George P. Fletcher

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