To the Editors:

My late husband, Ignazio Silone, bequeathed his archive and correspondence to me with the understanding that I make them “available to future scholars.” Since the Italian Government has declared them to be a “national heritage” and forbidden me to take them out of Italy, the only way in which I can attempt to carry out my husband’s wish is to edit and publish them. I have decided to publish the archive in biographical form, probably in several volumes.

For this immense task I shall need the help of all friends, anyone and everyone who knew Silone before I met him (which was in December 1941), or who knew him since but in circumstances or places other than Rome, and would be so kind as to let me have their reminiscences of him; also of anyone possessing letters from him who would not mind sending me photostat copies; also of anyone possessing, or knowing how to find, articles, etc. by him or concerning him—in any language. Given the chaotic situation of the Italian post for the last thirteen years, it would be better to register. If no acknowledgement from me is received, it means the letter has not reached me.

I need not say how grateful I should be for any help of this kind.

Darina Silone

Casella Postale 7196 Nomentano,

00161 Rome, Italy

This Issue

July 19, 1979