In response to:

Does Saudi Arabia Face Revolution? from the June 28, 1979 issue

To the Editors:

I do object to the way you and your caricature man presented Saud Ibn Faisal in your edition of June 28, 1979. I have known Saud as a student in the US as well as a Foreign Minister and it is a shame and a disservice to your readers to represent him in the ugly way you did.

Saud represents the best in his generation in Saudi Arabia and in the US and I must say that most if not all of his former classmates—American and non-American—share my feeling.

I must add that the impression your drawing gives is so bad that it must amaze me as well as all Americans who deal with him in any capacity. I am really disappointed in you as a publication as I do or I did expect better editorial policy and a sense of fairness.

Mahmoud El Okdah

Formerly the Arab League

press officer at the UN

This Issue

August 16, 1979