To the Editors:

In the Spring of 1981, State University College at Fredonia, New York, the site of the largest Stefan Zweig archive in North America, is planning a three-day symposium on the occasion of their centennial of Zweig’s birth. The program will be entitled: The World of Yesterday’s Humanist Today. Section meetings will study: Zweig’s French connection; the peace movement; Zweig, the interpreter of history and human greatness; Zweig, the “humanizer” in literature; Zweig, the emigrant; Zweig in Brazil. Interested scholars from the fields of literature, history, sociology, and psychology are invited to propose twenty-minute papers in English. It is planned that the Silent Woman and Thersites (in English) will be presented during the symposium. Please send descriptive paper proposals to: Professor Marion Sonnenfeld, Coordinator, Zweig Symposium, SUNY College at Fredonia, New York 14063 by April 30.

Marion Sonnenfeld

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March 20, 1980