To the Editors:

In your October 7 issue, an ad placed by this agency for the E.P. Dutton book, The Education of David Stockman and Other Americans, by William Greider, contained an error that was embarrassing to all concerned—us, the publisher, but particularly the author, to whom we mistakenly awarded a Pulitzer Prize. The error had, in fact, been caught, corrected by us, and then at the last minute—due to the mysteries of computer typesetting and the failure of our people to perform the usual final check—reappeared in the ad as sent to you.

We would very much appreciate your readers knowing that neither the publisher nor the author was in any way responsible. My only hope is that we have not in any way jinxed Mr. Greider by prematurely awarding him a prize that he should no doubt win on his own in the future.

Lee Simmons

President, Franklin Spier Inc.

New York City

This Issue

November 18, 1982