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Ancient Biggies from the December 16, 1982 issue

To the Editors:

I am sorry to see that Professor Lloyd-Jones in his review of the two volumes of Who was Who in the Roman and Greek Worlds in your issue of 16 December comments that Betty Radice’s Who’s Who in the Ancient World informs its readers that “the second and third plays of the trilogy called Oresteia…are called Electra and Orestes.”

I am afraid he has misread what is quite common practice and is consistent throughout the book: an arrow followed by small caps means “See also.” Titles of works are printed in italics.

It is rather annoying that damage has been done to the reputation of this very handy and reliable reference work by comments made after a cursory glance.

Donald McFarlan

Penguin Books

London, England

Hugh Lloyd-Jones replies:

I must apologize for the oversight, but must point out that the curious convention that led to it is likely to cause misunderstandings.

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April 14, 1983