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The Progress of Klaus Barbie from the June 27, 1985 issue

To the Editors:

I do not know whether the error is Francine du Plessix Gray’s, or should be attributed to the authors of the book under review (The Nazi Legacy: Klaus Barbie and the International Fascist Connection, by Magnus Linklater, Isabel Hilton and Neal Ascherson) [NYR, June 27], but neither Pierluigi Pagliai, Stefano dalle Chiaie, Joachim Fiebelkorn nor, for that matter, anyone else has been convicted or even put on trial for the bombing of the Bologna station in August 1980. It is a sad fact that, given the past record of Italian police, magistrates, secret services, and politicians in dealing with right-wing terrorism, the chances that those responsible for this crime will ever be brought to justice are practically nil.

John L. Harper

Johns Hopkins Center

Bologna, Italy

Francine du Plessix Gray replies:

The error was mine, and not that of the authors of The Nazi Legacy. Pierluigi Pagliai, Stefano dalle Chaie and Joachim Fiebelkorn were indicted, rather than convicted, for their participation in the bombing of the Bologna train station. That’s a big difference, and I’m grateful for Professor Harper’s correction.

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November 7, 1985