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'The Spanish Tragedy': An Exchange from the June 25, 1987 issue

To the Editors:

I was misquoted in your Radosh-Knox exchange of letters on “The Spanish Tragedy” [NYR, June 25]. Ronald Radosh asserted that I and William Herrick “testified…that the Communists and NKVD officers were murdering authentic leaders of the Spanish working class, imprisoning militants from other factions.”

I wouldn’t doubt this actually happened. But I never contended it did. I was an infantry non-com, an uninformed foot soldier. I was neither exposed nor privy to the information attributed to me. My FAU talk from which Radosh quoted was limited to what I knew as facts—or reports that have been incontestably documented.

No big deal, but discomforting.

Edward I. Lending

Boca Raton, Florida

This Issue

September 24, 1987