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One Big Unhappy Family from the March 12, 2009 issue

In the March 12 issue, in Fred Halliday’s review of Steve Coll’s The Bin Ladens, Charlie Wilson was a member of the House of Representatives, not a senator.

In the February 26 issue, in Tim Flannery’s review of The Superorganism by Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson, the citation with which Harvard President Lowell conferred an honorary degree on entomologist William Morton Wheeler said that Wheeler “has shown that [insects] also can maintain complex communities without the use of reason.” In a footnote to Norman Mailer’s Deer Park letters, Irving Shulman is misidentified as the writer of the screenplay for Rebel Without a Cause. Irving Shulman adapted Robert Linder’s 1944 book Rebel Without a Cause for an original treatment; Stewart Stern wrote the screenplay, partly based on Shulman’s work.