could possibly
become any
thing else. It
was the condition
of this
things could
blow themselves
right into
other things.
Not like
a collision
but a blend
it was like
there was
a wind
in this
and conversion
was the rule.
I was telling
her about
the thing
ending and I


did notice
that who I
was talking
to was
my ex. Not the 2015
ex but the
2013 one. She
didn’t seem
to know
who she was
or be particularly
perturbed not
to be herself
anymore. She
was simply
her. Thought-
ful. Even
a little
concerned. I
guess it
got weird
when I
tried to
talk about
my feelings.


she shrieked
she became
the most
storm not
even a being
but a spell
a giant
boat rocking
roar. I guess it was
pretty absurd
of me when
you put it
like that. Eileen
called the
voice out
the window. She
had come w
her husband
to pick up
the strap. Who
would want
to spend the


rest of
their life
with a fat
man but of course
that could
be Brenda
herself. I could
be this
house or that
silvery ceiling
lamp looking
down my love
that distant
car turning
passing. Tiny limbs
in the blue
sky, planes
over head
my fingers
on this pen
being everyone