We have a new government.

Our new government includes many gifted ministers.

One of our ministers speaks English.

Our new government has set to work energetically.

Unfortunately, it is less than aggressive in a situation permitting so many unregenerate liberals to persist: in some cities they even outnumber traditional Catholic families.

What else should our government do?

It cannot be guided by the sentimental views typical of Western politicians.

Some night it should execute several movie directors, not sparing women.

All professors of constitutional law should be interned for life.

Poets may be left in peace since no one reads them anyway.

Penal camps are necessary, but should be lenient, so as not to provoke the UN.

Most journalists should be sent to Madagascar.

Hungary, on the other hand, should be gently removed with tongs and inserted between Poland and Germany on the map. And later, once reactions among the international freemasonry have subsided, Germany should be surreptitiously placed between Spain and Portugal.

The government of today cannot be overly scrupulous.

It has been given a historic opportunity.

It would be a sin not to seize it.