Doing this and that, further shredded by ribbons
I’m your inner child from before
the procedure of ambition

I ran the neighborhood on training wheels
Heavy rubberized pastel flowed from my bike tassels

Blues and greens that mean something different now
that my ear has aged

I live inside you where music fills
the empty space of my head
I mean shell

The winding shape of mathematical beauty found in all nature
I’m a kind of nature too
I wanted you to live more, said the clock’s chipped tooth

History is full of lost blue baubles, all priceless
is something ideological to think
Thus it should be thought frequently, because after all

Knowledge of the future is hell

When you heard that rumor about me
I wasn’t really there
I mean, I wasn’t really listening

Wanting something to come after eco-iconography
Long-forgotten sensations and needs
to just blurt themselves out

A herd of taxidermy to escape the museum’s basement
Mammals without names

Other such blasts from the past thanking god
nobody cares