Adrian Lyttelton

Adrian Lyttelton is a Fellow of the Johns Hopkins ­University Center in Bologna and the author of The Seizure of Power: Fascism in Italy, 1919–1929.
 (December 2019)

Under the Tuscan Gun

Under the Tuscan Gun

A Chill in the Air: An Italian War Diary, 1939–1940

by Iris Origo, with an introduction by Lucy Hughes-Hallett and an afterword by Katia Lysy

War in Val d’Orcia: An Italian War Diary, 1943–1944

by Iris Origo, with an introduction by Virginia Nicholson

December 5, 2019 issue

Radical and Rich

Radical and Rich


by Carlo Feltrinelli, translated from the Italian by Alastair McEwan

September 25, 2003 issue

La Forza del Destino

Memoirs of a Fortunate Jew: An Italian Story

by Dan Vittorio Segre, translated by Dan Vittorio Segre

The Italians and the Holocaust: Persecution, Rescue, and Survival

by Susan Zuccotti

March 31, 1988 issue

Murder in Rome

The Moro Affair and The Mystery of Majorana

by Leonardo Sciascia, translated by Sacha Rabinovitch

June 25, 1987 issue

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