‘Guardian of the Grail’

Memoirs of a Confidant

edited by Henry Ashby Turner Jr., translated by Ruth Hein
For more than fifteen years Henry Ashby Turner, of Yale, has devoted his energies to collecting the evidence to answer the question, what part did big business play in Hitler’s rise to power? His conclusions are certain to arouse controversy. Few earlier historians of the Third Reich, including myself, escape …

The Hitler Addiction


by Norman Stone

The Meaning of Hitler

by Sebastian Haffner, translated by Ewald Osers
Last October I spent an afternoon in Berlin talking to the last man left alive who knew Hitler well enough to say, “If Adolf Hitler had been capable of friendship, I suppose I should have been his best friend.” To the handful of people who were present this conversation with …

The Schicklgruber Story

Hitler's War

by David Irving

Adolf Hitler

by John Toland
“It seems likely,” Robert Waite begins his book, “that more will be written about Adolf Hitler than about anyone else in history with the exception of Jesus Christ.” This is a depressing prospect indeed. Why Hitler should continue to arouse such interest is a subject worthy of a major essay, …

Hitler à la Mode

The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler

by Robert Payne

Hitler: The Last Ten Days

by Gerhard Boldt
Robert Payne’s is one of several studies of Hitler that have recently appeared or been announced. This fact, together with the launching of a new film about Hitler’s end and all the ballyhoo that accompanies such an event, has led the press first to discover a “sudden revival” of interest …