The Arts of Japan

Japan, a History in Art

by Bradley Smith

Japanese Buddhist Prints

by Mosaku Ishida, translated by Charles S. Terry
Of these three late additions to the small but already crowded field of Oriental art books, Japan, a History in Art is likely to win the widest attention and to disappoint the largest number of readers. Rather than a mere succession of aesthetic objects, its pages record human life. Prince …

Far-Eastern Art

Chinese Monumental Art

by Peter Swann, with photographs by Claude Arthaud and François Hébert-Stevens

A History of Far Eastern Art

by Sherman E. Lee
In the great age of ink landscape painting in Japan, a versatile master like Sesshu was capable of working in two widely different techniques. Their names were borrowed from the older art of calligraphy, and so from China. The shin style depended on clear and precise drawing of objects and …