Alfred Corn is the author, most recently, of Miranda’s Book, a novel, and Unions, a collection of poems.
 (May 2016)


Inward Gaze

Baladine Klossowska: La Contemplation Intérieure (Rilke dormant sur un petit sofa à Muzot), 1921; watercolor portrait of Rainer Maria Rilke by his lover Klossowska, at the top of which he wrote a poem that is translated into English for the first time below.
Sorrow is a stubborn piece of land through which, darkling, the blessed mind sends down roots so as to bloom. Whereas, in you, my resting heart, all things stay nameless. It’s from the outside things are named: named for doubt, named for …

Maine Real Estate

Is hardship renewal? The cold waves Keep coming in, little restrained By islands offshore, where they ride Ringed around by small, stripped-down craft. Every lookout gazes seaward; A whole township ignoring the signs Nailed to walls and porches—a sale, A July sale …