Andrew Stark is a Professor of Strategic Management and of ­Political Science at the University of Toronto. His most recent book is The Consolations of Mortality: Making Sense of Death.
 (July 2018)


Oh, Canada!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posing with airport staff as they await the first planeload of Syrian refugees, Toronto, December 11, 2015

Common Ground

by Justin Trudeau

Canada’s Odyssey: A Country Based on Incomplete Conquests

by Peter H. Russell
A cover of The Economist in 2003 featured a moose—that universally recognized symbol of Canada—wearing sunglasses. Inside, the magazine extolled Canada’s new sophistication: its openness, even then, to legalizing gay marriage and decriminalizing marijuana; its cosmopolitan cities (Toronto would soon become the most diverse metropolis in the world, with over …