Arlie Russell Hochschild is Professor Emerita of ­Sociology at the ­University of California at Berkeley. Her book Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right was a finalist for the National Book Award.
 (October 2018)


Male Trouble

Fraternity brothers at the University of California, Berkeley, 2006. The photograph is by Andrew Moisey from his book The American Fraternity: An Illustrated Ritual Manual, which contrasts fraternities’ constitutions, oaths, and rituals with photographs revealing their often underlying violence and misogyny. It is published this month by Daylight.

The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It

by Warren Farrell and John Gray

Healing from Hate: How Young Men Get Into—and Out of—Violent Extremism

by Michael Kimmel
Boys in crisis and the path to extremism