Arthur Hertzberg (1921–2006) was a Conservative rabbi, scholar and activist. His books include The French Enlightenment and the Jews: The Origins of Modern Anti-Semitism and The Zionist Idea.


Is Anti-Semitism Dying Out?

Anti-Semitism: The Longest Hatred

by Robert S. Wistrich

The History of Anti-Semitism

by Léon Poliakov, translated by Richard Howard
Is anti-Semitism reviving? Could it become again a major threat to Jews? Some of the closest observers of contemporary anti-Semitism disagree about these questions; they interpret quite differently such incidents as the killing of Yankel Rosenbaum in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and the painting of swastikas on Jewish grave-stones in Germany.

A Lost Chance for Peace

Almost sixteen years ago, in the summer of 1977, I brought Menachem Begin, who had just been elected prime minister of Israel, an informal message from a friend in Jimmy Carter’s White House. The Americans, the message went, wanted Israel to feel secure from attack, but they could not possibly …


For the first time, an administration in Washington has linked further American generosity toward Israel to Israel’s willingness to stop further settlements on the West Bank. The government in Israel and officials of American Jewish organizations have reacted by denouncing President Bush for using a humanitarian cause, the need to …

The Impasse Over Israel

Palestine and Israel: A Challenge to Justice

by John Quigley

Israel, Palestinians and the Intifada: Creating Facts on the West Bank

by Geoffrey Aronson
Is the Zionist state legitimate? Is the “Palestinian state” legitimate? Most Arabs deny the legitimacy of Israel. The Arab argument grew more passionate earlier this year as it became clear that the PLO’s expressed willingness to negotiate with Israel was not leading to a Palestinian state, and many Palestinians concluded …

What Future for American Jews?

After the Six Day War in 1967, Jews in America were freer, and more powerful, than Jews had ever been before in the Diaspora. Yet, at the same time, the Jewish community was eroding. Those who had grown up in the 1930s remembered Hitler and Father Coughlin, but their children …