Arundhati Roy is the author of two novels, The God of Small Things (1997) and The Ministry of Upmost Happiness (2017), and more than a dozen books of non-fiction. (September 2018)


Election Season in a Dangerous Democracy

Yogendra Yadav, co-founder of the Swaraj Abhiyan party, activist Medha Patkar, and various members of farmer unions protesting in New Delhi, July 20, 2018

After the arrests of several political activists last week, a front-page report in The Indian Express read, “Those held part of anti-fascist plot to overthrow govt, Pune police tell court.” We should know by now that we are up against a regime that its own police calls fascist. In the India of today, to belong to a minority is a crime. To be murdered is a crime. To be lynched is a crime. To be poor is a crime. To defend the poor is to plot to overthrow the government. God help us to get our country back.