What Dreams Are Made Of

The Dreaming Brain

by J. Allan Hobson
Dreams have been explained as divine revelations, as prophecies, as messages revealing that the dreamer’s soul has temporarily left his body to roam. According to the Azande of Central Africa, when a person has a bad dream, he is experiencing the efforts of a witch to devour the soul of …

Snails on the Couch

Brain and Psyche: The Biology of the Unconscious

by Jonathan Winson

Mind, Brain, Body: Toward a Convergence of Psychoanalysis and Neurobiology

by Morton F. Reiser
We have a good idea today of how the body enables us to digest our food, or to run a mile in four minutes, but matters are very different when we turn to our mental life. Of course, we know that it is dependent in all sorts of intimate ways …