The View from Vietnam

SOE in France

by M.R.D. Foot

Vietnam! Vietnam!

by Felix Greene
Danang, South Vietnam One of the added pleasures of covering the Vietnam war from inside Vietnam is that it is possible to lose track completely of what is going on elsewhere in the world—not only in the world, in fact, but in Vietnam as well. When with the Marines …

Vietnam: The Undiscovered Country

Les Americaines face an Vietcong

by Fernand Gigon

Un million de dollars le Viet: la seconde guerre d'Indochine

by Jean Lartéguy
The best and most balanced reporting on Vietnam today is written by French-speaking writers. This is not because Swiss or French observers have better official sources of information than their American colleagues: They emphatically do not, since there are many briefings in Saigon “For American Eyes Only.” But there are …

A Diplomatic Alternative

It is not enough to deplore that the war in Vietnam has cost the lives of at least a quarter-million Vietnamese of all ages and political persuasions during the last two-and-a-half years and that it is likely to take the lives of thousands of young Americans as well. What can …