Bernard Lewis is Cleveland E. Dodge Professor of Near Eastern Studies Emeritus at Princeton. His most recent books are Music of a Distant Drum and What Went Wrong: Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response. (May 2002)


In the Finger Zone

The Promised Land is defined by its frontiers and then by its abundant if basic food supply—“a land flowing with milk and honey.” The Lord’s Prayer deals with eternal truths, and with one practical request—for “our daily bread.” The pagan ancient Greeks, imagining the life of the immortals on Mount …

The Enemies of God

Recent events in parts of the Muslim world have revived memories of the Islamic revolution in Iran, and aroused fears that more such revolutions may be in preparation and new Islamic fundamentalist regimes about to emerge, with similar consequences both at home and abroad. Western observers in particular recall with …

In Search of Islam’s Past

Islamic History: A Framework for Inquiry, Revised Edition

by R. Stephen Humphreys
For Muslims, history is important. The mission of Mohammed and the promulgation of the Qur’an are events in history, and knowledge of them was preserved and disseminated through historical memory and record. In this respect Islam takes the same view as its two predecessors, Judaism and Christianity, and indeed the …

At Stake in the Gulf

Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf

by Judith Miller and Laurie Mylroie
When Saddam Hussein invaded, conquered, occupied, and annexed the neighboring state of Kuwait, he broke several rules and posed several new threats to the region and perhaps—though influential voices dispute this—to the world. According to a basic principle of inter-Arab politics most recently proclaimed by Saddam himself in 1980, no …