Scandal in the Family

During the last months of 1977 Aldo Carotenuto, a Jungian psychoanalyst who teaches theory of personality at the University of Rome, by mere chance became the recipient of a collection of either lost or long-forgotten documents. These had been preserved, also by pure chance, in the cellar of a building …

Children Without Parents

Children in Collectives
Childrearing Aims and Practices in the Kibbutz

edited by Peter D. Neubauer M.D.
What happens to the infant when he is separated from his mother a few days after birth and is raised—not at home, by his parents—but entirely by educators, and in peer groups? This is the question at the center of the book under review, which is the report of a …

How Much Can Man Change?

Stability and Change in Human Characteristics

by Benjamin S. Bloom
How much can man change and at what age is it too late to hope for very much change? It has been important that we know, but we had no means of doing so. Now thanks to Professor Bloom’s study of Stability and Change in Human Characteristics we do know, …