Mexico and Its Demons

The Other Mexico: Critique of the Pyramid

by Octavio Paz, translated by Lysander Kemp, with a postscript translated by Helen R. Lane
The Other Mexico was written in 1968, shortly after the democratic movement led by the students was abruptly ended with the massacre of several hundred peaceful demonstrators at the Plaza of the Three Cultures in Tlatelolco. In that ancient quarter of Mexico City nearly 450 years ago, the Spanish captain …

Viva Zapata

Zapata and the Mexican Revolution

by John Womack Jr.
During the summer of 1962 I visited the villages and rice fields in the State of Morelos. We were a small group of Mexican writers and our purpose was to investigate and denounce the murder of Rubén Jaramillo by the state troops. Jaramillo had been the agrarian leader of Tlaquiltenango.

A Life

Pedro Martinez: A Mexican Peasant and His Family

by Oscar Lewis, Drawings by Alberto Beltrán
Oscar Lewis’s new book is the life of a Mexican peasant, now seventy-four years old, his wife, and their son, as told by the actors themselves and preserved by Lewis on tape. It follows Pedro from his birth in 1889 through his childhood, his young manhood as a peón in …