Mindless Societies

Sociobiology: The New Synthesis

by Edward O. Wilson

Biogenetic Structuralism

by Charles D. Laughlin Jr. and Eugene G. d'Aquili
Since the discovery of the nature and mode of operation of the basic units of heredity, biologists in search of major new fields to conquer have increasingly turned their attention to what has conventionally been referred to as behavior, mentality, and society. Three of the most important students of animal …

The Mystery of the Libidinous Molecule

Life: The Unfinished Experiment

by S.E. Luria

Animal Architecture

by Karl von Frisch, with the collaboration of Otto von Frisch, translated by Lisbeth Gombrich
Nobody can accuse the great pioneers of molecular biology of being mere Ivory Tower specialists, unwilling to emerge from their laboratories to tell us their thoughts about the general significance of the advances in our understanding of living systems which their work has brought about. Salvador Luria, who in 1969 …

A Matter of Life and Death

Life or Death: Ethics and Options

edited by Daniel H. Labby

The Silent Weapons

by Robin Clarke
For the last half century or so, biologists have been used to a rather quiet life, out of the public eye in their academic laboratories or in the back rooms of hospitals and agricultural institutes. The last important occasion of public excitement about their activities was connected with Darwin almost …

That’s Life

The Origins of Life

by J.D. Bernal
I suppose that nowadays most people accept, as so obvious that it hardly requires a second thought, the final dethroning of man from the position of focus and summit of the universe, which he for so long, and so confidently, had given himself. We would hardly raise an eyebrow were …

The Question of Aggression

The Natural History of Aggression

edited by J.D. Carthy, edited by F.J. Ebling
We are all agreed nowadays that the most important, and the most pressing task facing mankind is to find some way to control or prevent the propensity of large sections of mankind to go to war with one another. But what exactly are the forces that we are trying to …