Who Killed George Polk?

The Salonika Bay Murder: Cold War Politics and the Polk Affair

by Edmund Keeley
One of the surprises of the last Communist uprising in Greece (1946–1949) was the absence of urban terrorism. In previous attempts to seize power, it had been a dogma of the KKE (the Communist party of Greece) that victory would be won in the cities, particularly the two largest, Athens …

The Grab for Greece

The Prelude to the Truman Doctrine: British Policy in Greece 1944-1947

by G.M. Alexander
Most Greeks believe that Greece is the center of the earth. The belief has more than twenty-five centuries of history behind it, for in the ancient temple of Apollo at Delphi there stood a carved stone known as the “navel of the earth.” A few years ago President Karamanlis, who …

The Tragedy in Lia


by Nicholas Gage
When Constantine Karamanlis returned to Greece from exile in July 1974 to restore parliamentary democracy after the fall of the military dictatorship, one of the slogans that he made popular was “Lethe sto parelthon”—“Forget the past!” He was not asking the Greeks to forget the seven years of the dictatorship, …