Tolnay’s Michelangelo

The Art and Thought of Michelangelo

by Charles de Tolnay, translated by Nan Buranelli
Mr. de Tolnay is the author of the biggest, most learned study of Michelangelo in our generation—five volumes so far, with a sixth and final one yet to appear. Besides presenting an enormous amount of information, this large work contains many original interpretations which are extremely controversial among his scholarly …

The Hundred-Dollar Misunderstanding

Michelangelo's Lost St. John: The Story of a Discovery

by Fernanda de' Maffei, preface by Henry A. LaFarge

Michelangelo the Painter

by Valerio Mariani
The four-hundredth anniversary of Michelangelo’s death on February 18 1564 has been marked only in mild ways, chiefly by some very large books. Even these have been brought into existence as the result of several coinciding stimuli, including the Pietà at the World’s Fair and the success several years ago …

Going for Baroque

Patrons and Painters: A Study in the Relations between Italian Art and Society in the Age of the Baroque

by Francis Haskell
This is a fascinating book, on a fairly special subject. To read it, one has to possess a developed curiosity about historical causes and effects, and know something about artists of seventeenth-century Italy like Bernini, Pietro da Cortona, Poussin, and Claude Lorrain. Starting from that base, the author’s Part One …