Birds at the Pole

The Birds of Chile and Adjacent Regions of Argentina, Bolivia and Peru

by A.W. Johnson, illustrated by J.D. Goodall

Birds of the Antarctic

by Edward Wilson, edited by Brian Roberts. with Wilson's original illustrations
The publication in Argentina of the second volume of A. W. Johnson’s book on the birds of Chile brings to a conclusion a lifetime of field investigation. For the first time an authoritative work in the English language is made available to students of bird life in Chile and some …

Fellow Travelers

Buller's Birds of New Zealand: A History of the Birds of New Zealand

by Sir Walter Lawry Buller, edited and revised by E.G. Turbott, with 48 color reproductions by J.G. Keulemans

The Shore Birds of North America

by Peter Matthiessen and Ralf S. Palmer, edited by Gardner D. Stout, with paintings by Robert Verity Clem
The two fine volumes whose titles are given above, though poles apart in conception as are the countries with which each is concerned, are not inappropriately reviewed here side by side; for while the bird fauna of New Zealand and North America could not be more dissimilar, they have one …

The Falcon

The Peregrine

by J.A. Baker
This is a provocative book. If you are a naturalist, after purchasing this book (not a novel) about a peregrine falcon, you will either be enthralled by the poetic prose of the author or be maddened by his style and shut the book with a bang, but whichever you do …

Good Neighbors

Enjoying Birds Around New York

by Robert S. Arbid Jr. and Olin Sewall Pettingill Jr. and Sally Hoyt Spofford

Birds of North America: A Guide to Field Identification

by Chandler S. Robbins and Bertel Bruun and Herbert S. Zim, Illustrated in color by Arthur Singer
The three little volumes which are listed above all have the same object in view: To enable a wider public to get to know the birds among which they live. Those who in their early years become bird enthusiasts will always have an interest and occupation, even if compelled by …

Water, Prey, and Game Birds

Handbook of Waterfowl Behavior

by Paul A. Johnsgard

Water, Prey, and Game Birds of North America

by Alexander Wetmore. and others
The Handbook of Waterfowl Behavior is a book which should have been reviewed in my country by Professor Niko Tinbergen of Oxford University. It is just up his street. But since it has fallen to the writer of this review to do so, he would preface his remarks by one …

Birds of America

Familiar Garden Birds of America

by Henry Hill Collins Jr. and Ned R. Boyajian

American Bird Decoys

by William J. MacKey Jr.
It is always sad to have to review a book when the author has not lived to see the results of his devoted work in print. Such was the case in this instance. Mr. Collins died before Familiar Garden Birds of America was completed and it would seem that his …

Bird Reading

A New Dictionary of Birds

edited by A. Landsborough Thomson

The World of Birds

by James Fisher and Roger Tory Peterson
Ornithology today in its many branches is a very popular science on both sides of the Atlantic and the result has been a spate of books ranging from large regional works of twelve-volume length to specialized single books such as A New Dictionary of Birds and of many less important …