The Real Thing

Titicut Follies, 1967

High School, 1968

In his most recent documentary, Central Park, Frederick Wiseman photographs homeless New Yorkers lying on the park’s benches and hillsides, covered in blankets, plastic wrappers, and bits of paper—shelter that looks more like a burial mound than protection for the night. It’s as if the homeless were carrying the means …

Odd Man In

A Life

by Elia Kazan

The Time Is Ripe: The 1940 Journal of Clifford Odets

with an introduction by William Gibson
If manners can be said to serve as the mask of self-interest, then charming manners require that one create the illusion of interest in others. Most show-business people are determined to be charming, but whatever Elia Kazan’s appeal in person (and from his own mouth one hears of much loyalty, …